This is my collection of past projects and deign prototypes. I usually begin a design to fill a personal need, "We could really use a little table here" or "That blank spot on the wall is bugging me", that kind of thing. If you see anything here you like and want to talk about commissioning something let us know.


Dart Lamp

What can you do with wooden Tinkertoy hubs? Use them to make lamps with of course.  

Lanterns - Series 1

Do you have a dark and scary corner in your house where the bad things live, or a boring side table with nothing on it, or even a new baby thats afraid of the dark? Babies can be such babies. Well we have a solution for you. These little hand made accent lanterns look great turned on or off, but especially on. They give off a nice glow and each one has a uniquely designed top that projects a pattern onto the ceiling. I use them as night lights throughout my home.

The lanterns come pre-wired with a clipped in socket that accepts chandelier size bulbs and a toggle switch. You can also easily remove the socket and use a candle if you prefer. The shade material is made from fiberglass so its not going to catch fire. Which is really what you want in a lantern, right?


Karma Bench

I wanted to earn some brownie points from my mom so I made this bench for her. Mission accomplished. This design lends itself well to variation so there are tons of ways to make each one unique. The side planters can hold a 5 gallon pot or can be lined and planted directly. Oh, and its comfortable too.

Coat Rocket



Pencil Holder

Project Treasure Chest

Roy G. Biv Sandtray

Porthole Table

5 Day Table