Lanterns, series 2

I've come to realize that I like making small things, like lamps, boxes, coasters, etc. Basically anything that doesn't hang off my work bench. Making big things is just a pain in the ass, especially if it starts out as a 4 x 8 sheet of plywood. Not that I have anything against plywood, I actually love it, but man, does it suck to move that stuff around.

Out of all the things I've made, I think the first series of lanterns get the most use in our house soI'm kicking off the new year with a new series of them. Series 2.

I did a few rounds of prototyping with MDF and cardboard and have decided on a design that is easier to produce and assemble.

I'm also experimenting with a new way to produce the shades using the same fiberglass material from series 1. If my idea works out I'll be able to easily produce  several different designs. 


I went the my local wood store, Crosscut Hardwoods in Portland Oregon, and found some really nice Red Gum wood. I've never worked with this species before but so far I really like it.

And now for some build pics...

Shop tip: Always have a roll of blue tape on hand, it has a million uses in the shop. Here i'm using it to keep the individual leg parts together as they go through the various cuts.

For the tops, I'm going to do a bit of carving, and probably some bleeding. I bought a set of Flexcut carving knives and made a jig to hold everything in place (and to keep the bleeding to a minimum). These knives are great, they come sharp and ready to use. I highly recommend picking up a set.