Shop 3.0

I admit it, I'm unorganized. Perpetually so, it seems.

When I'm in the shop it feels like half of my time is spent looking for a damn pencil, my square, tape measure, and where the hell did I put my drill?! It feels like I'm living in an Eye Spy book, so about every 8-9 months I like to (or need to) take a break from the more creative projects and spend some time smoothing out kinks in the shop workflow.

This time I'm tackling the work tables for my Miter and Radial Arm saws. I don't have a great picture of what I'm starting with but this one should give you an idea of the situation... its a mess.

shining a spotlight on saws.jpg

My goal is to create a single table to hold both saws, have a unified fence, and be mobile. Why it has to be mobile I'm not sure but it seems like a good idea. Maybe one day I'll want to wheel it out to the driveway and work on my much needed tan while I'm cutting a miter. I don't know but I like options. 

The company I work for just finished remodeling our office and were giving away a bunch of desktops, legs, and other hardware so I loaded up my car with as much as it could carry and started cobbling things together. Thank you CMD!

click to embiggen

Here's the final result, and I use the word "final" loosely. I'll refine it more as I go along but for now its workable, and awesome so far.