Possibly the best thing I ever bought.

Ladies and gentleman, the Work Sharp 3000...

That was a lame intro but this thing is awesome. If you're looking for a good gift for someone who does shop stuff and you're also looking for a mind numbing conversation, ask them how they sharpen their tools, chisels and stuff. Try to pay attention, or don't because if its not with one of these it really doesn't matter. I sound like a pitch man for them but I'm not its just a good F'n machine with a cool name. And when it comes to machines, thats what you want.  

I have crappy chisels and planes and other hand tools. They are. They're crap from Harbor Freight. Not only are they crap from HF, they're dull crap from HF. That part is on me so not really the tools fault, not fully anyway. I've always "sharpened" them but it was a lame attempt and I knew it, like when you go to the gym. Long story short, I found some nice, old Japanese chisels in a box at an estate sale for five bucks, and I mean the entire box was five bucks. With the box included! It had a bunch of other interesting crap in it too. Well then I wanted to use them so I "sharpened" them up and they worked pretty well but I knew they could be better. I've had my eye on one of these for a while but they usually run around $250 and I'm cheap but I found one on Amazon for $177 so I guess thats my cheap to not cheap barometer, $73.

Click here to go to the Amazon page. Its not porn or anything I swear.

And look, I have proof of how well it works. This is one of the mentioned crappy chisels that I just never used but I think I will be now. Its like cutting butter!


And I can shave with it.


Thats it. I'm into chisels now.