Stuff From My Head Studio


Stuff From My Head Studio is a small design and custom creation shop located in Portland OR, well really Vancouver, WA but everyone thinks thats in Canada (thats the other Vancouver).  We specialize in creating unique pieces of furniture, functional art, installations, and other oddities. Most pieces are custom made to order but sometimes things are built in a series and we have but no two are ever alike.

In addition to beautiful hardwoods I like to use a lot of recycled materials ranging from wood pulled from old pallets, an odd scrap of metal found on the side of the road, or even dead hard drives from retired computers. Nothing is off limits. You can even bring your own material to a project if you have something lying around.

If you enjoy my stuff, find it interesting, amusing, laughable, or even awful then I've done my job and evoked an emotion and that makes me happy. If any of the prior is true AND you would like to commission something then I'm even happier and, hopefully, so are you.



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